5 Tips in creating nice logos

Creating a nice logo is important for any brand concerned about its imaging, whether you’re web-based or a brick and mortar only business. In addition to affordable web design in Los Angeles, a good logo will help your visual appeal and make sure people remember you. Here are 5 tips to help you design an incredible logo.

Color is Everything

The colors you choose can either be a turn on, or a major turn off. Usually, logo designers look at the color of the brand, but that’s not always easy to find if this is your first logo. Try making three versions, including one version as a grayscale, so you can see what your logo will look like with various primary colors.

Unique and Recognizable

It’s too ambitious to try and create a logo that is “perfect”. Instead, shoot for a logo that offers a unique design that people can relate to the brand.

Customized Fonts

Sometimes, a logo is just the font that renders the brand’s name. Customized type goes a long way, but it’s not easy for amateurs to pull off.


According to WebDesignExpress.com, a logo conveys the idea of your business. Like your business itself, keep that idea simple and focused. On its own, simple logos may not be anything special, but consider the iconic Nike swoop and what it means today.


Good design uses good proportion an design principles. The more you keep in mind concepts like symmetry, and your logo’s relation to the space around it, the more memorable and recognizable your logo will be.