Basic principles of web design

With a lot of debate going about modern web design, some websites follow a specific and modern design language. This modern design aligns more with minimalism and tends to remove any bells and whistles that we got during the web 2.0 era. Following is a basic breakdown from Rack Alley, on modern web design principles:


Colors form the most obvious traits of modern web design. New websites tend to follow strong colors and limit the palette to only a few colors. The basic premise is usually a single-color scheme with one or two accent colors. The Apple website is a very good example of modern color usage.


Good use of white space is another mark of modern web design. The space does not actually need to be white. However, there should be plenty of it. It should be used in such a way that it adds balance and space to the web design.

User-centric design

Nowadays, it is all due to Google, that there is a lot of focus on the user in terms of web design and its functionality. Previously, the website was designed for ranking, and then for the visitors. Now by using machine learning and AI, Google has a good sense of whether a site matches its vision for a user-friendly site.

Whether you use LA colocation or basic web host, follow these basic principles to ensure that your site feels and looks modern.