Negativity and Positivity: Which One are You Spreading?

June 9, 2019

Author: Herb Kimble. Did you know that the workplace changes according to the attitudes and auras of its leadership? Are you someone who is spreading positivity in the workplace, or is negativity and toxicity the rule of law? Are your employees happy and productive? Leaders face new challenges each day. How we face those adversities influences everything from our office culture to our final product. Here’s how you can spread…


Three Steps to Making Your Internet Marketing Business Take Off

July 18, 2017

Summary: Building a business from the ground up takes patience, capital, and an immense amount of effort.  Starting an Internet marketing business of your own can be exhausting and time-consuming – but it can also be lucrative and rewarding as well. If you have a limited budget to work with, you’re in luck. This business does not require a substantial amount of capital. As long as you make smart decisions…


Entrepreneurship is not easy

February 15, 2017

Lately I have learned so much about entrepreneurship And I truly know that all things work together for your good if you believe there is great good in even the darkest evil. I used to think the winners in entrepreneurship were the smartest, hardest working, or luckiest– they had the better product and optimally tuned process. But examining more closely, they have better teams from better culture. Their people support each…