Facebook and Instagram will soon help you limit usage on their apps

November 6, 2018

Article Written by iClimber.com Facebook has recently announced plans to release a series of features that will help both Facebook and Instagram users keep better track of how long they actually use these apps for. These announcements are likely in response to the backlash Facebook and other social media companies have gotten over past few years for negatively affecting their users’ mental health. While the apps were originally designed to connect…


Three Steps to Making Your Internet Marketing Business Take Off

July 18, 2017

Summary: Building a business from the ground up takes patience, capital, and an immense amount of effort.  Starting an Internet marketing business of your own can be exhausting and time-consuming – but it can also be lucrative and rewarding as well. If you have a limited budget to work with, you’re in luck. This business does not require a substantial amount of capital. As long as you make smart decisions…


What Does Wikipedia Consider “Notable”

January 21, 2017

Summary: The editors rely on a strict set of guidelines for creating new pages on Wikipedia. By adhering to all of them, the chances of your page being published can skyrocket. In order to obtain your own Wikipedia page, the editors must first determine whether or not your suggested topic warrants its own article. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind while writing the content for your…


The Search Marketing and Reputation Management Trends That Will Drive 2017

November 4, 2016

Pierre Zarokian, the CEO of Submit Express, sat down with Sean Garrity of DealCrunch to discuss the newest search marketing trends for 2017. The future of Web marketing isn’t as cut and dry as driving search traffic, or paying for PPC. Of course, those streams help but they aren’t the only solution. Trends for 2017 Submit Express has some interesting ideas about trends businesses should pursue in order to get…


Quick Tips for PPC Optimization

September 19, 2016

The point of hiring a Los Angeles Internet marketing agency is to try and optimize your pay per click (PPC) campaign so you’re not spending more than you’re making. PPC platforms provide a myriad of ways that allow you to view your campaign data and specify your campaigns even to the time of day it gets displayed. The problem is that very few business owners know how to take advantage…


How to Proactively Avoid the Spam Filter

June 11, 2016

The spam box is a dark void that can be avoided by incorporating contextual strategy. A majority of emails that are sent out are going to end up in the spam box. In order to avoid this, you’ll have to work around the spam filter. But, what actually differentiates a spam email from an accepted email? A lot of it actually has to do with the words and context within…


Using How-to videos to drive traffic to your site

March 30, 2016

One of the fastest ways to build an audience, even if you are focused only on California Internet marketing, is to update your site, channel or social media account daily. The newest updates get the most attention and search advantages. The kinds of articles that do best are those that teach new skills or reinforce basic knowledge about technology, tools and results. The combination of these two is one of…


How Nike’s Successful Marketing Schemes Can Help You

January 26, 2016

If you get down to the core of Nike’s marketing campaigns, they focus more on the benefits rather than the product. Nike’s success in marketing dates back to the 70’s when track and field coach Bill Bowerman “accidentally” began the trend of selling a line of products through the promotion of cardiovascular health. But how does this translate into smart marketing? The secret isn’t to sell the product itself, but…


Ayn Rand’s Position on Altruism

July 8, 2015

Article Written by : KeyWordle – All About SEO & SEM Ayn Rand famously argued that altruism is a position that posits man has no moral right to exist for his own sake. This is a difficult concept for some people to grasp, as it’s not hard to find wealthy people who donate to charities. Are they not also altruistic? Capitalism and Altruism Capitalism is a philosophical set of beliefs…


Four SEO Tools for Small Businesses

May 18, 2015

Article Written by : Leader SEO Getting your website noticed is one of the most important things that you have to carry out especially if you want to be profitable, and gain an edge over your competitors. While you can hire an SEO company to do this for you, it costs a lot of money. And so, here are a couple on-site and off-site tools that you can use in…