Entrepreneurship is not easy

Lately I have learned so much about entrepreneurship And I truly know that all things work together for your good if you believe there is great good in even the darkest evil.

I used to think the winners in entrepreneurship were the smartest, hardest working, or luckiest– they had the better product and optimally tuned process.

But examining more closely, they have better teams from better culture. Their people support each other and have open communication that first requires complete trust.

The journey is so hard– beyond what one guy can do, despite the superheros in the movies. And without mentors, loyal customers, and amazing teammates– your best ideas are just that.

* I’ve re-learned it’s better to be kind than right.
* People remember how they felt, not what you said or did.
* Gratitude helps you realize wins you may have overlooked or discarded.
* You are alone, yet have more friends than you know.
* What appears so good is never that good, but what’s bad isn’t that bad, either.
* Decisions made when angry, in haste, or in secret you will regret later.
* There is always enough time to do the right thing and even fix mistakes that seem too late.

I’ve heard that if you want to go fast, go alone– but that if you want to go far, go together.

Everyone needs support, even the ones that appear the strongest. Mentors are rare in the world of friends or work– so find them and do anything you can to cherish them.

I’ve spent time in the last few days in awe of mentors who have given selflessly to me, whether still alive or just in my memories now.