Food Packaging 101

In order to have a successful food product on the market today, it’s crucial to pay special attention to the packaging of the product.  Recent studies have shown that the average person doesn’t pay too much attention to the way the products they buy are packaged.  However, there is one big factor they care about and that is how easy it is to open the package.  Consumers can become extremely frustrated when a product is ridiculously difficult to open.

If it takes the strength of a body builder to open a jar of peanut butter or tear the film off of a frozen dinner, consumers can become downright irate with the product and the company.  When this occurs, they are much less likely to continue buying the product.  For this reason, companies should put a lot of thought into the packaging of their products.

Another important issue for packaged food manufacturers to pay attention to is sustainable packaging.  We are living in the day and age of the “go green!” movement.  We all know what a devastating impact our way of living has already had on the planet and how crucial it is to change that.  There have already been significant changes towards sustainable packaging in the food industry.  However, continued research and experimentation are important to completely revolutionize this industry and help the planet.

Some companies are testing out edible packaging which includes making wrappers and other types of packages using dried fruit, mushrooms, nuts and other food products.  One restaurant in Brazil is already using edible packaging with great success and a high level of customer satisfaction.

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