How Email Marketing Can Help Your Ice Cream Business

Summary: Proper marketing can bring in additional sales if performed correctly.

One of the most underrated aspects of running an ice cream shop is email marketing. By building a loyalty program, you’ll not only have a gathering of people that are looking for new offers on a weekly, perhaps even daily, basis, you could turn that into new ways of profit.

Build an Email List

The first thing you’ll want to do is to have people sign up for an emailing list. Include a variety of information that explains what the customers will receive in their mail – be sure not to spam them either. Whether it’s showcasing the newest frozen yogurt products that are “back in season” or a new look to your store, you’ll want your insiders to have the first scoop.

One of the most intriguing parts of signing up for an email list is knowing that you’ll be receiving discounts on products. Let this be known on your sign and you can even go as far as to have your employees politely inform the customers that a brand new email list has been formed that notifies them of coupons and even specialty products like limited edition plastic yogurt spoons. It may sound trivial but enthusiasts would love to get their hands on something that’s not found elsewhere, and your shop may be the go-to place to get it.

Maintain a Routine Schedule

By creating a dedicated time frame of when you’ll be sending your emails, you’ll discover that people won’t be as hesitant to unsubscribe. Consider the fact that people receive business emails on a daily basis that “invites” them to try out the newest product. How can you make your email stand from the crowd? How can you show that your store has something the others don’t have?

You can start by creating a special design followed by a catchy headline that’s meant to grab the attention of the individual receiving the email. This can be something witty or even straight to the point – as long as you get the customer to open the email. Note that clickbait is highly vilified in the online community. If you want to lose subscribers, clickbait is the way to go. The last thing someone wants to see is a free offer, only to open it and find that you’ll need to purchase $20 before you get the actual product. This induces both anger and frustration and your marketing campaign could be severely impacted because of it.

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