How to Proactively Avoid the Spam Filter

marketing-no-spamThe spam box is a dark void that can be avoided by incorporating contextual strategy.

A majority of emails that are sent out are going to end up in the spam box. In order to avoid this, you’ll have to work around the spam filter. But, what actually differentiates a spam email from an accepted email? A lot of it actually has to do with the words and context within the email. Every email client has a type of filtering software that is embedded within the service. This is essentially a type of software that identifies trigger words and indicators within the email that come off as spammy.

Take Notes from Top Businesses

However, it is not impossible, as you already know when you see companies send you newsletters and new product offers. Take a look at their emails and see what they are incorporating. Are they making it short and sweet? Do they use images with the words already integrated within them? Take note of everything and apply it to your own emails. It definitely takes trial-and-error, but in time, you’ll bypass the spam filters on your own and continue your pursuit for lead generation.

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