Negative Feedback: The Reputation Killer

In the world of online reputation management, there are two types of feedback you want to avoid. The first occurs on social media. Customers will always vent about perceived injustices, but the problem can grow if you choose not to respond. Do seek out these potential challenges and seek to resolve them privately if possible. This gives you control over the situation, and allows you to save face publicly.

The second potential fire storm is closer to a “reputation bomb.” These occur when a customer is beyond dissatisfied, and bordering on downright angry. These kinds of disputes tend to gain steam, and the customer will actively try to recruit others to vent their frustrations about your company. There may be hash tags, like the famous #MyNYPD hash tag, that can end in problems for your business. In this case, citizens posted pictures of police brutality, instead of the intended messages of community building. You must be mindful of the unintended consequences for your brand’s hash tag or search term.

Hate sites are another potential problem, where customers devote a blog or a website to documenting the potential problems your company may have. This may coincide with poor media coverage, or just have bad timing for you.

Identifying these potential problems before they spiral out of control will help your business scale more effectively, and cement your brand.