Negativity and Positivity: Which One are You Spreading?

Author: Herb Kimble.

Did you know that the workplace changes according to the attitudes and auras of its leadership? Are you someone who is spreading positivity in the workplace, or is negativity and toxicity the rule of law? Are your employees happy and productive?

Leaders face new challenges each day. How we face those adversities influences everything from our office culture to our final product. Here’s how you can spread good vibes.

Show gratitude

Say “thank you” every once in a while. It costs you nothing and the payoff is a happier employee who feels valued as part of the organization. We tend to focus on big picture ideas and forget all the small successes that lead to them. When your co-workers feel appreciated, they take pride in their work.

Use positive messaging

Are your words hanging around in the workplace, casting shade over everyone? If so, you need to improve your work on positive messaging. You should always stop and reflect on whether you have attention or demand it. If you demand attention, you will get it from people who are resistant to your ideas. Making a positive impact here helps encourage a free exchange of ideas and prevents people from feeling shut down or shut out.

Appreciate the Small Victories

Your business didn’t find success magically or overnight. It took work and a lot of individual effort to get there. All of these tips revolve around acknowledging others and stepping outside of the leadership bubble. Remind employees what they are working toward and praise appropriately. You’ll be astounded at the difference it makes.

Bio: Herb Kimble is both an entrepreneur and a film and television producer. His roots as an accomplished actor gave him a passion for the arts. Today, Herb Kimble is co-founder of CineFocus Productions and launching Urban Flix, an inclusive streaming company based in Los Angeles.