Quick Tips for PPC Optimization

ppc-optimizationThe point of hiring a Los Angeles Internet marketing agency is to try and optimize your pay per click (PPC) campaign so you’re not spending more than you’re making. PPC platforms provide a myriad of ways that allow you to view your campaign data and specify your campaigns even to the time of day it gets displayed. The problem is that very few business owners know how to take advantage of these features.

The best way to start seeing a big difference is optimizing the actual ad. You want to create two versions of the ad and rotate them evenly with Google’s built-in A/B split test feature, which will let you see which one performs better. It’s better to document and implement only incremental changes, so you can measure what’s best with a given ad.

Another great way to optimize your campaign is to add in negative keywords. Think of keywords that may attract the wrong visitor or display on search results you have no interest in displaying on. Doing this will vastly increase your CTR which will lower your click costs while giving you a higher ad placement.

If you want to control your budget, working with the right Los Angeles Internet marketing company can help. They’ll help you identify time slots that are wasting your budget, help optimize your conversion rate on the landing page to increase profits and optimize your spending to get the desired traffic at the lowest cost.

There are many other ways to optimize your PPC campaign to get more clicks and better conversions. Again, it helps to work with an experienced Los Angeles marketing agency to help you in your campaign.

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