How Google Plans to Make Autocomplete Safer

May 17, 2017

Google released the autocomplete feature in 2004, and has fine tuned it to a sweet science. It’s a handy tool that helps to streamline queries by serving suggestions based on the first few letters that a user types into the search bar. Some may argue it’s invasive and creepy, but it’s a very handy service and can lead to some interesting queries. It can also lead to some very offensive…


Two Strategies to Remove Yelp Negative Reviews

May 14, 2017

Yelp is one of the biggest problems for those dealing with reputation management. It’s a website that seems to crop up in all sorts of situations, and there are few business owners who are satisfied with their representation on Yelp. Here are some strategies to get negative Yelp reviews removed from the website, without paying a dime to Yelp and without violating the site’s terms of service. Ask the Customer…


The Search Marketing and Reputation Management Trends That Will Drive 2017

November 4, 2016

Pierre Zarokian, the CEO of Submit Express, sat down with Sean Garrity of DealCrunch to discuss the newest search marketing trends for 2017. The future of Web marketing isn’t as cut and dry as driving search traffic, or paying for PPC. Of course, those streams help but they aren’t the only solution. Trends for 2017 Submit Express has some interesting ideas about trends businesses should pursue in order to get…