The Search Marketing and Reputation Management Trends That Will Drive 2017

reputationmanagementPierre Zarokian, the CEO of Submit Express, sat down with Sean Garrity of DealCrunch to discuss the newest search marketing trends for 2017. The future of Web marketing isn’t as cut and dry as driving search traffic, or paying for PPC. Of course, those streams help but they aren’t the only solution.

Trends for 2017

Submit Express has some interesting ideas about trends businesses should pursue in order to get the most efficiency out of marketing efforts. There are a few important areas to focus your attention, and some work you should do outside those focus areas. First and foremost, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve claimed as much search real estate as possible.

That means claiming all of the social profiles you can think of for your business, and trying to update them all as frequently as possible. It also means paying attention to what’s being said about you. Setup alerts to deliver feedback to your mailbox, and to track your Yelp and Google reviews.

Review monitoring will become extremely important in 2017, especially for new and independent businesses attempting to distance themselves from chain stores. You’ll need to identify negative reviews, and see what you can do to get those reviews removed.

It helps if you establish your own feedback loop, where customers can use email or some kind of survey to talk about their experiences in your store or restaurant. This way, you can send positive reviews directly to Yelp and try to work with customers who had a negative experience one to one. Who knows, you might get a word of mouth recommendation, or a positive Yelp review out of the experience.

Finally, search marketing is still a crucial component to your success in 2017. Improving your standing in search can involve more than just your website, however. Using the properties listed above, and with a bit of SEO work behind the scenes, you can own search for your brand name.