Three Tips for Avoiding Email Disasters



Written by eTargetMedia.


Email marketing is important, but sending out a poorly-conceived email can be disastrous for your business. Taking some basic steps can ensure that you don’t run into some of the most common problems faced by email marketers:


Send Emails Out at the Right Frequency: The last thing that anyone wants is to be bombarded with emails from a business. Nothing will get a person to add your business to the “Spam” folder faster than feeling like they are being inundated with emails. While maintaining a regular schedule of email marketing messages is important, it’s important not to overdo it.


Instead of sending out an email every day, it might be a better idea to condense all of these ideas into one weekly “digest” of content. This makes sure that you are getting your messages to customers but that it’s in a manner they appreciate.


Avoid Spam Filters Through Smart Content: Of course, it doesn’t have to be an individual who adds you to their email program’s spam list; many emails automatically end up there because email clients auto-detect the message as containing elements similar to spam. This can mean that customers who have opted into your email campaign may not be seeing your emails. Make sure you avoid the overuse of exclamation points and words like “free” or “act now.”


Personalize Your Emails: One of the easiest ways to grab someone’s attention in an email is to make them feel like it was sent just to them. Many email services allow you to send a message that addresses each person by their name. You may even be able to send a message to a person based on their past purchases.


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