Using How-to videos to drive traffic to your site

One of the fastest ways to build an audience, even if you are focused only on California Internet marketing, is to update your site, channel or social media account daily. The newest updates get the most attention and search advantages. The kinds of articles that do best are those that teach new skills or reinforce basic knowledge about technology, tools and results.

The combination of these two is one of the most powerful marketing forces on the web.


When it comes to digital marketing Los Angeles is one of the most dynamic sites for cutting-edge ideas. The proximity of film and broadcast talent to such a large technology industry means video production and a lot of it. Their key to success is the same as other companies: focus on a narrow category of knowledge and put up a new instructional video every day.

Production Values

One thing a Los Angeles marketing agency will definitely bring to any film or broadcast project is top-notch production values. With so much noise and competition, one of the easiest ways an ambitious company can stand out in the crowd is to put maximum effort into things like lighting, sound and creative direction. If a video looks like it took effort, the audience will put an effort into watching it and then coming back for the next update.

The science of building a how-to video audience is still being worked out, but the leaders in the business will agree on the basics. Put a good production together, pick a narrow topic and update every day. The audience will be there when you need them.


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