What Does Wikipedia Consider “Notable”

Summary: The editors rely on a strict set of guidelines for creating new pages on Wikipedia. By adhering to all of them, the chances of your page being published can skyrocket.

In order to obtain your own Wikipedia page, the editors must first determine whether or not your suggested topic warrants its own article. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind while writing the content for your page.

Your Content Must be Verifiable

Needless to say, every bit of content that you create must be backed by a reliable third-party source.

Wikipedia adheres to a strict set of guidelines, that you can find on their site, to determine what’s notable and what’s not. Now, it’s important to remember that notability does not exactly depend on fame or popularity. While they do have some significance in the matter, it ultimately comes down to the actual topic and the backed sources.

Topics May be Merged

Unfortunately, one thing that you do not have full control over is whether the topic will be handles as a separate page or be merged into other related topics within a single article. Be sure that the topic that you present to the editors is not in close proximity to another related topic or you might end up removing yourself out of the running of having your own page.

Reliability and Objective Evidence

In order to obtain editorial integrity from the team at Wikipedia, you’ll need to follow the reliable source guideline step by step. Sources should also be secondary sources, as they tend to showcase objective evidence in terms of notability. There are however, no specific number of sources that need to be provided to obtain approval. However, the editors do expect you to provide a wide variety of sources.

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